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nicholas Franchise & The Stogies - Free Entry!

nicholas Franchise & The Stogies - Free Entry!

Wednesday 11 December, 8:00pm

San Fran proudly presents; nicholas Franchise & The Stogies!

Nicholas Franchise mostly means well, but sometimes just melts your heart. For everything else, this Pop-Raunch-Rock outfit likes a stinging hook on a lush chord. Dunedin NZ – Conceived; Portland USA – Believed; New Album – Don’t Plea, it’s soon to Be. 

For now, everything is riding and deriving from 2018’s LP ’Setup’; frugally promoted whilst deeply devoted; the songs are actually good. Catch them here before their set at Nest Fest 2020.

Wellington indie rock darlings The Stogies will take to the San Fran stage again in support, laying down their groovy music with many faces to kick off the evening.

Free Entry from 8pm!