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I Built the Sky, Heavy Metal Ninjas & Bloodshot

I Built the Sky, Heavy Metal Ninjas & Bloodshot

Saturday 29 September, 9:00pm

I Built The Sky is known for intricate guitar work, hooky melodies and an eclectic mix of tunes from heavy as hell in your face riffage, to stunning acoustic tunes and ambient pieces to drift off to, all intertwined with fantastic musicianship and some tidy production.

Heavy Metal Ninjas
Heavy Metal Ninjas remain, as ever, all about the metal in 2018.
Led by guitar virtuoso Richie Allan, many will recall their jaw-dropping performance of the winning classical composition at 2011’s APRA awards, and the sheer power and spectacle of their live show has to be witnessed first hand. The band deliver a ferocious guitar onslaught of instrumentals while dressed as ninjas, complete with an impressive light show that has them firing laser beams from their fingers. 
Are a Progressive Metal-core band from Wellington, New Zealand.
Influenced by Periphery, Chelsea Grin, Bring Me The Horizon, Northlane, and many more you can be sure they have a sound that satisfies the taste of many.