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Inspired Sessions: A Cocktail of Music

Inspired Sessions: A Cocktail of Music

Monday 16 October, 7:00pm

INSPIRED SESSIONS- A Cocktail of Music.

Two nights starring Whitireia’s final year students who will be presenting their Body of Works. Each night is a glass of original music, a dash of Jazz covers, a shot of R&B soul and a sprinkle of Rock.

International Chinese student Wynn Liu delves into the Jazz genre after having a classical background in Piano. She exercises her jazz muscles with her incredible band Blain Fitzpatrick, Des Mallon, Keanu Te Kawa and Ben Evans. Wynn brings her Chinese flavor by featuring traditional Chinese instruments and integrating them into her Jazz filled set creating a fusion of magic. Be prepared to hear some hits rearranged from Post-Modern Jukebox and other Jazz standards.

Eljay Southern makes her debut with her R&B Neo-soul band Blue Lotus. Performing original music Blue Lotus is a 5-piece band comprised of phenomenal musicians Ben Casbolt, Chris Furdson, Fraser Walker and David Lester. The combination of Eljay’s soulful vocals, Fraser’s smooth chords, David’s sultry guitar, with Chris and Ben will make-you-want-to-groove, it’s a performance you just can’t miss.

Ariel is a singer-songwriter who pours her heart into her R&B, Soul music. Her enticing smooth, rich vocals create a listening experience that will leave you wanting more. Featuring her incredible 6-piece band; Faiva Brown on keys, Sonny Miti on guitar, Aroma Mauigoa on keys, Jason Rapana on bass and Keanu Te Kawa on drums. Make sure you come and be a part of the warm, melodious atmosphere of soulful music this outstanding combination creates.

Josh Brown is out to prove to the world that pop punk is not dead. Together with his band, Helmet Head consisting of Jordan Ross on drums, Jason Krieg on guitar, and Cory Krieg on bass, he will showcase his original work, complete with the chunky riffs, catchy melodies, and speedy rhythms that make the genre so much fun. This energetic four-piece offers the classic pop-punk experience, mixed with something new and special.

Our other young rocker, Ben Evans, is premiering his new project as the front man of Cosmic Hero. Backed by the magnetic rhythms provided by Jordan Ross and Jason Rapana on drum and bass respectively, Ben’s guitar takes centre stage creating its own worlds of sound and texture, while he sings powerful, life-affirming tunes over the noise. This will be a performance to remember.

These performances combined create two nights of Jazz, R&B, Soul, Rock and originals Make sure you check out Wellingtons new talent!